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Acting Rehearsal

Welcome to Addlestone Community Productions Home to R.A.T.S

Renegade's Addlestone Theatrical Society

A Unique Drama and theatre group.

It all started with a group of friends who developed a common passion and subsequently got together with increasing frequency to enjoy this shared interest. It wasn’t long before scripts were read and Renegades Addlestone Theatrical Society  was “officially” born.


 Based in Addlestone Surrey, our drama and theatre group is a devoted community made up of enthusiastic individuals who enjoy sharing ideas and activities. You’re welcome to browse our site to learn more, and if what we’re doing resonates with you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


OUR first performance

R.A.T.S first-ever performance!   Come join us as we proudly present Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, an adaptation of the Lewis Carroll story. Alice falls down a rabbit hole and lands in a fantasy world that is full of weird, wonderful people and animals. Come see all your favourite much-loved characters, including the white rabbit who is running late, a modern-day Cheshire Cat, a mad hatter tea party like no other and of course a Queen of hearts who will take off your head!  This much-loved classic children's book which is also popular with adults is now being performed by ​the renegades of Addlestone ​theatre.

"The beginning is the most important part of the work"


Actors Rehearsing
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